Endowment Funds

The University of Kentucky Cheerleading program is supported by several endowments.

Cheerleading Booster Fund

Primarily used for cheer banquet expenses and to increase the McCracken Academic Scholarships. Credit is given towards K Fund and UK Fellows.

McCracken Endowment Fund

Interest is used toward annual scholarships for both squads based solely on academic achievement. Credit is given toward UK Fellows.

Bill Blount Endowment Fund

Interest is used for scholarships based on financial need. Credit is given toward UK Fellows.

T. Lynn Williamson Endowment Fund

This Endowment was created by The 101 Club with a gift of $50,000. Interest is used for varying needs of the Program. Credit is given toward UK Fellows.

Donation Information

All donations will go through UK’s Office of Development, so your donation may be credited toward you becoming a UK Fellow, if you are not already one. Information on the Fellows Society is available at www.uky.edu/Development/impact/fellows.htm. You will receive official acknowledgement from the Development Office for your tax deductible donation. You may also receive credit toward the K Fund. If you would like to make a donation please use the form below.

University of Kentucky Cheerleading Donation Form