Message from UK Cheer Coach Jomo Thompson

UK Cheer Alumni,

I wanted to say thank you to all the UK cheerleading alumni that have supported the program this year and the many years before. It is an honor to make you proud by winning championships, cheering on UK’s sports teams and most importantly, producing responsible, nice, and capable young adults.

I have a message that we repeat to the UK cheerleaders often. I tell them that when they are a UK cheerleader, they are doing all the things I mentioned earlier for the cheerleaders that came before them. They do not do it for themselves, they do it for those that came before! When they are done and retired from the cheer program, they will know that the next generation of cheerleaders are doing it for them now. I believe it maintains the focus on the great legacy and tradition that is UK Cheerleading. This tradition has been forged and created by all who have had the privilege to be a part of the program. It is bigger than all of us and has made a huge difference in my life and in many of the lives of UK Cheerleaders I know.

I have seen many timid boys and girls come into the program and after 4, sometimes 5 years, leave confident and mature adults. I can speak to this because I was one of these timid and shy people. UK cheerleading has instilled in me and many others, a confidence and belief in oneself that may not have been there before. This would not be possible without the love, support and care of the alumni within this program.

I would like to particularly thank Dale Baldwin for creating this forum to where we can all keep in contact with each other and stay updated with the UK Cheerleading program. He has also done so many other things to help benefit the cheerleading program that words do not lend justice to his good deeds. I would also like to thank T. Lynn Williamson. Without T. Lynn many of the program’s accolades, achievements and ideals (i.e. absolute responsibility; persistence; and attitude determines your altitude just to give a few) would be non-existent. And finally, I would again like to thank all of you! The alumni that have given blood, sweat, tears, time and many other tangible and intangible benefits to the program. Without your support this current generation of UK cheerleaders would not know from whence the program derived it’s great tradition and legacy.

I encourage you all to stay connected and involved in the UK Cheerleading program. Your support, love and care makes a difference to those that precede you. Remember, they are reminded that their service to the program is to honor those who came before them. I hope you all will feel proud and be able to hold our heads just a little higher knowing that the UK cheerleaders are the 2012 National Champions once again! Thanks for all that you do for the UK Cheer Program.


Jomo K. Thompson

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