Football & School

Our first game was Louisville, as always. It was in Louisville this year. We lost- I did not expect much different. That is probably the wrong attitude to have, but I am just getting so tired of football. The beginning of the season is always fine, but then as it goes on we keep losing and it just gets cold- no fun! I hope that we do well this year. There are possibly six games that we could win, so who knows- maybe we will go to a bowl game. I think the freshman did a good job of cheering their first college football game and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. But really I just want basketball season to get here… that’s the best part!!! Now school has started- boo! It is fine so far, but I start getting bored with classes in about 2 weeks of them starting. I just need to stay focused and get everything in line to graduate!

– Jenny

About Kentucky Cheerleading

Kentucky Cheerleading is one of the most respected cheerleading programs in the World.
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